Career Profile

Result-driven senior software developer with 6+ years in analyze, design, testing and implementation of various projects. With experience in both large scale enterprise projects based on Spring framework and fast paced start up environments with cutting edge technologies such as nosql, kafka, springboot and microservices. Proved problem solving ability with an aptitude for team work and quick in mastering new skill, technology or role.


Software Engineer

August 2021 - present

Back-end Developer (Kotlin)

March 2020 - September 2020 (remote)
Tset (Vienna)

Working in an agile environment on one of the most interesting projects that blends application programming with data science. As a back-end developer, I have the chance to work with some of the brightest people in the industry on a project made on the most modern stack possible. Reactive Srping, Kotlin, MongoDB, Rabbit and etc.

Lead Java Developer

2018 - 2021
Alopeyk on-demand delivery for Iran

As the leading online delivery brand in Iran in Alopeyk I work in an agile and fast paced environment to come up with new ideas and solve interesting problems. There is a tremendous opportunity to work with cutting edge technologies such as Confluent Kafka, Spark, Redis, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Spring Boot, Kubernetes all with the newest version of Java and Scala, just to name a few.

  • Design, architect, implement and develop an event bus based on Apache Kafka to connect various sms, push and other notification systems to the main back-end system.
  • Desing and develop the automated marketing system from the ground up based on Spring boot microservices against external marketing automation services that helped with returning custoemrs, increasing customer engagement and raising customer and courier satisfaction by a great amount.
  • Develop microservices to make connections between internal information and PipeDrive CRM software API.
  • Using Apache Kafka and Spark to aggregate information to be used by ETL subsystem and in turn be used as backbone for our visualization system.

Senior Java developer

2017 - 2018
Payeshgaran MT, main contractor of Iran insurance company

Being part of a friendly and helpful team and working on the complex insurance system for the largest insurance company in Iran provided me a unique opportunity to build up my knowledge and my team working experience.

  • A classic example of a huge monolith enterprise application gave me the chance to work on a mission-critical, complex system that should be robust and totally fault-tolerant.
  • Through constant meetings and calls with customers I did a good job of keeping good chemistry and translating their requirements into code.
  • Changing the entire reporting system that was based on the earliest version of Jasper Report to the current release and later helps in the transition to Oracle BI Publisher platform.
  • Working closely with project managers to set times for tasks and release dates for new features based on their priority.

Java developer

2013 - 2017

I worked on different components of centralized consensus information web platform. Fixing bugs and adding new features to get ready for the introduction of revamped new smart identity card. It involved processing data from Oracle database and extracting the needed information for the new system. I was able to work on the largest database existed back then in the country in terms of data volume.


before 2013
My first job was Avira antivirus technical support. I was an on field support so not only I responded to phones and tickets I went to the customers and solved their problens on site. Later I dipped my toe on new water of sale expert and hardware in laptop branch of Samsung Iran. My start of programming career was in a company offering website design and development solutions. I started using ASP.NET and C# there. After 6 months in --YEAR-- I switched to Java.


These are some of the certificates I have received through out the years. I have passes many more courses from MIT opencourseware, Standford Lagunita and Udemy. the following list only covers some of them that can be verified. The complete list with details can be find in my linkedin page

Java Programming: Object-Oriented Design of Data Structures Specialization - A Coursera specialization offered by University of California San Diego, consists of four courses and a capstone project. The coruses where about object-oriented programming, software engineering, optimizing performance and advanced data structures
Functional Programming in Scala Specialization - A Coursera Speialization offered by The Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), consists of four courses about functional programming, parallel programming and big data analysis with Apache Spark. It was mainly taught by Martin Odersky, the creator of Scala.
Data Science: Statistics and Machine learning - A Coursera specialization offered by Johns Hopkins school of business. It is a complete specialization consists of 9 courses that makes you ready for applying for a data science career. It was based on R language and taught all the fundamental and mathematics needed for data analysing. It touches the ideas of machine learning too.
Software as a Service - An online course offered by university of California Berkeley through edx platform. It was about transition from monolith design to microservices. All the design and implementation considerations of a SaaS service was covered by the course. There was a Ruby on Rails project too.
MongoDB for Java Developers - As the title says a course offered by MongoDB university to get familiar with MongoDB internals and its Java API.

Skills & Proficiency


Spring framework

Microservices (Spring boot and Spring cloud)

Apache Kafka